Our Services

The first step is to determine your business idea.  You already have one? Perfect! Let’s start validating your idea and turn it into an opportunity! Get advice and coaching  to carry on your start-up. Our goal is to encourage you to take those first steps or if you are already launched, to take the next step and grow your business. This student incubator service adapts to your level, your goals, and take it all in, at your own speed.

 Some examples of services we can offer:


Get information and tips about entrepreneurship in general.


Get to exchange and build a network with other student entrepreneurs.

Network of professionals

Get access to a network of professionals and entrepreneurs.

RBC funding

Get financial support for your start-up needs through RBC fund.


We offer workshops on different topics to help you launch your business.

Event & Contests

Get to participate in different events and contests.


Get mentoring services including regular follow ups to grow your business.


Participate in conferences from different professionals.

Tools & References

Access to different tools and references.