Ti Boeuf: New Debut Album Launch With The Help of KickstartSLC and RBC!

Derek Lee Dagenais (Business Student), Landon Ra Dagenais (Sciences Student), two brothers and St.Lawrence students have finally launched their new album: Anderson I!. Olivier Cabot completes this trio of dynamic musicians. Last fall, the students approached KickstartSLC with the strong desire of finally launching their album. Their dedication and hard work impressed the mentors. Their project evolved to the point where they were ready to launch. The RBC fund to help in student start-ups and entrepreneurship endeavors contributed by giving the students a bursary to get the project up and running.

The group has a very contemporary view on music. 'Music is a vehicle for self-expression that can be harnessed through voice thoughts, concerns and issues that truly matter in a way no media platform can. In turn, it is a musician’s purpose to expose taboo or underappreciated topics. Through Ti Boeuf’s instrumental and lyrical content, both entertainment and interpretive content can be channelled to the eyes and ears of the public. Music is versatile. Just as narrative works create an impact greater than the sum of black words on a white page, music can serve a greater purpose beyond auditory entertainment.'

You may be wondering why they chose that name?

No GMO’s or added preservatives in this cow—the wings of the music scene make a powerhouse out of Ti Boeuf!

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