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Les Rogatons Win 'Coup de Coeur' Prize

Les Rogatons Win 'Coup de Coeur' Prize

Les Rogatons, a start-up idea with a social purpose has won the Coup de Coeur Prize in the Launch your business idea regional pitch competition. Their projects received the most 'likes' from the posting of their project idea. More than 1,400 individuals supported their project idea.

The project consists of offering an application where restaurants can sell their 'leftover' meals after hours at a reduced price. The goal is to reduce food waste and to give an opportunity to students or any person wishing to buy quality food at a reasonable price.

Behind this project, two energetic St.Lawrence students who initiated this idea based on their experience of a similar system in Europe: Hypatia Behar-Gryl is a social sciences student. By traveling a lot in her life, she always was confronted to different realities and concerned about social and environmental issues. Aiming towards a business law career to closely work with entrepreneurs, she is today passionate about underwater diving, giving her a taste of the possible negative impacts of unsustainable ways of life.

Maryna Rusakova is a pure and applied science student. Raised in Ukraine for the most part of her life, she immigrated to Canada in 2014 due to escalating tensions in her country. This adaptation and change in her lifestyle made her face various inequalities related to food consumption and its accessibility. She is looking forward to work in business and IT administration and is pursuing ways to minimize and eventually erase the discrepancies between social classes in terms of access to basic human needs.

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