Start-ups 2018-2019

Jérémie Curadeau
KickstartSLC and RBC is proud to support Reparation JCPC and Jeremie Curadeau for its second growth phase! 
Your cell phone, tablet or computer needs repairs? JCPC is there for you!  This innovative startup offers repair services for many types of devices. All your needs are covered with JCPC. not only can they repair your devices, they can also help with the maintenance and installation of different software, system updates and much more.
Réparation JCPC can also come to your home for all your computer needs.  This friendly and professional service is offered both in French or in English.  For more information:

BD Performance
Felix Lessard is a web-based business that will perform drop shipping and distribution of parts for recreational vehicles, going from boat parts to motorcycles. According to Mr. Lessard the company already has agreements with a number of different suppliers and the start-up team is working hard to grow the variety of products that the company will make available on its website.    

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