Start-ups 2019-2020

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Derek-Lee Dagenais & Landon-Ra Dagenais

Ti Boeuf is a musical trio composed of Derek Lee Dagenais, Landon Ra Dagenais, and Olivier Cabot. With a strong drive to pursue music and showcase their talents, the band project arose as a natural extension to their dedication to the arts. Ti Boeuf’s goal is to share their unique world perspectives and artistic interpretations, whilst inviting their audience to reflect upon and relate to the proposed subject matter.

This project is a means to create music, produce cinematographic content, form ties with members of Quebec’s musical scene, and distribute thought-provoking merchandise.

Les Rogatons
Hypatia Behar-Gryl & Maryna Rosakova

The idea of a system to “recycle” food stemmed from a mix of witnessing the difficulty some students face to afford food and the many testimonies from friends working in restaurants of the terrible amount of wasted, comestible food. Indeed, a system like the Rogatons would help both students and restaurants. The latter would be able to get rid in a sustainable, eco-friendly way of their leftovers while still making a profit out of the “unsoldable”.


By lowering prices, more students would be able to afford the perfectly good food that restaurants often see themselves throwing away in order to offer “freshness” to clients.

William Hallé, Raphaelle Slatherly, Rosalie Gilbert

Did you already forget to take an appointment for an important event? We have the solution for you! We decided to create an application for last-minute appointments available in the Quebec City area. You can search directly on your phone device or on the internet the type of service you want from a haircut to a car repair.


Then, you can sort your research by price, time, or location. Let’s say you have a last-minute event and you want nice hair but, you unfortunately do not have an appointment taken. This is not a problem with Pozey because the app let’s you take a last-minute appointment in hair salons across Quebec City

Yijia Xin

The goal of this start-up is to share knowledge on different illnesses that may affect students.  With the collaboration of different clubs, we can publish and create a community that can share information so that students can find resources when needed and also better understand their situation.  By sharing our knowledge and understand that they are not alone we can build stronger and healthier student communities

BD Performance
Felix Lessard is a web-based business that will perform drop shipping and distribution of parts for recreational vehicles, going from boat parts to motorcycles. According to Mr. Lessard the company already has agreements with a number of different suppliers and the start-up team is working hard to grow the variety of products that the company will make available on its website.