Start-ups 2017-2018

Jérémie Curadeau
Your cell phone, tablet or computer needs repairs? JCPC is there for you!  This innovative startup offers repair services for many types of devices. All your needs are covered with JCPC. not only can they repair your devices, they can also help with the maintenance and installation of different software, system updates and much more.
Réparation JCPC can also come to your home for all your computer needs.  This friendly and professional service is offered both in French or in English.  For more information:

Juan David Fernandez tarazona


Gogogo is an innovative platform that wants to revolutionize delivery services.  Your company needs to deliver an important package or letter within an hour to a client?  Gogogo will match your company with a driver who will pick up your package and deliver as promised.

​They wish to start offering their delivery services B2B and grow the platform to offer many other types of delivery services.

Benjamin Larose-Giroux

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in high school and wished you could get help in your studies? Tutorat is there for you.  This unique service wishes to team up college students with high school students right at their school.  

Services vary from help with their homework to small study groups, depending on the needs and means of the students.  Having tutors who are close in age is also an added feature that can make the student feel more comfortable.

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Backpack for Festivals
Jean Gleizes

Everyone loves to buy beer during a festival, but can there be an easier way to distribute beer through a huge crowd? With this innovative idea, Backpack for Festivals has developed an ergonomic carry bag that sellers can wear to sell beer. The back pack dispenses cold beer to customers in a quick and efficient way without hiding the view of the other people present.

Adding features to track and keep inventory, this backpack will most certainly revolutionize the sale of beer during large events while making it it easier, quicker and more comfortable for the sellers.

Jean-Bertrand Nibigira

Klass Era Supply est une marque de vêtement streetwear québécoise créée par JB Nibigira (Créateur et  PDG ) et Arian Krasniqi (Co-fondateur et ambassadeur).


Ayant en tête une vision différente des concurrents dans le même marché, notre Mission est de vous offrir des produits de haute qualité à des prix abordables et utiliser la simplicité dans le but de créer des design originaux