Ti Boeuf

Album Launch April 2020


SLC Students Make Their Music Debut!

Derek Lee Dagenais (guitar), a business student and Landon Ra Dagenais (Bass), a science student, are two brothers who have been playing music together for years.  This spring, they finally launched their new debut album: Anderson I.  Olivier Cabot (Drums) completes this dynamic trio of very ambitious and talented artists.

As Students at Champlain-St.Lawrence, the trio had a dream of launching their album.  With the help of KickstartSLC and the RBC funds, they succeeded in doing this despite the Covid-19 lockdown. They also created their own visuals and illustrations. This multi-talented group has many other projects in the works.

You can support the band or buy their music on Spotify, the Apple Store and follow them on different social media platforms. The have even been selected as an emerging music group by l'ADISQ

Follow the group here or on the many social platforms!

Long live Ti Boeuf!

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